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animation video inatallation / 15min / silent / mono-chrome / 2004

A film Installation for party of Beaujolais Nouveau.
Beaujolais Nouveau was one of the symbol of an economic boom in 1990's Japan. But at present times, Japanese goes to drink at “Izakaya” that is popular, casual and relatively cheap places for after-work drinking. Because of a recession. Many “ Izakaya ”has an“ Ikesu ”(a water tank inside Izakaya to keep the fishes fresh for Sashimi. Also can enjoy the fish swimming), and people watches
The “Ikesu” and drink their glasses. People sometimes reflect themselves as the fish inside “Ikesu”. This film recreated “Ikesu” comically by animation.


[Beaujolais Meets Art],'Color', Tokyo, Japan

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