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R9 + C9QP
Material: Iron, Aluminum, Winch, Motor, Battery, Pulley, Fireworks, Ignition System, Drone Camera
Off-limits tape, pylon, FM radio, screen, etc. (2020)

Historically, the Japanese fireworks displays are known to have contradicting meanings of “festival” and “reposing the souls”

and have thrived in both aspects.

Shimada collects and analyzes the temporal and geographical data of all the fireworks canceled in Japan through 2020

because of COVID-19 and creates the actual fireworks that evoke another world that could have been and honor the lost festivals.

With one day as one second, the company created a 365-second fireworks performance.

The scene was filmed live with a drone.

Artist's Comment:

From 2020 to 2021, most of the events and festivals that attract large crowds were cancelled due to COVID-19. For this work,

I’ve used the data of those 1,300 cancelled fireworks festivals, launched the actual fireworks, and reconstructed the installation

with the used tubes from the launch and the footage of the “missed” fireworks.

I truly hope this work could help us to remember the feelings we’ve somehow left behind in the last few years and light

the “fireworks for another world that never came” in our hearts.

Fireworks manufacturing scene


View of the setup: Fireworks were set up to map Japan using surveying instruments.


From the simulation video.

Fireworks seen from the side

Photo: Ryuichi Maruo

Photo: Ryuichi Maruo

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