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Material: Iron, Aluminum, Winch, Motor, Battery, Pulley, Fireworks, Ignition System, Drone Camera
Off-limits tape, pylon, FM radio, screen, etc. (2020)

Experiments and demonstrations of the viewpoint of watching fireworks and psychological effects.

No trespassing, safe distances, repeated inspections, scattered sparks, gunpowder workers wearing yellow vests,

Instructions heard over the air , heavy gunpowder equipment brought in, the smell of smoke, and fireworks .....

With those as keywords, we will give a demonstration that involves the audience and shoot the situation.

(Publicize the shooting)

Similar to the previous work " 7HX + 8H4V ", this is a demonstration type work of a fireworks device with the theme of fireworks overlooking from the localized "halfway height".

As with the last time, the amount of gunpowder this time was also submitted by "notification".

* Permits and notifications to government offices, fire departments, and public security are required according to the amount of explosives, but the amount of explosives was intentionally within the range of notification.

(There is no need to obtain "permit" from the government, and in a sense, it can be interpreted that the trust and freedom of the citizens live there.)

@ATAMI ART GRANT 2022 Photo: Naoki Takehisa

@ATAMI ART GRANT 2022 Photo: Naoki Takehisa

Performance & Exhibition:

       2022: "ATAMI ART GRANT 2022" NEW AKAO HOTEL. Atami, Japan

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