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ATgC Project
Collaboration with Yuria Suzuki
Project work (2020-currently in progress)

This is an ongoing project to produce fireworks based on human DNA information.

Based on the genetic information of James Watson (1928-), one of the researchers who discovered the double helix structure of DNA and published his own genetic information for the first time in the world, some of his genetic features Corresponding to the type and color of fireworks, it was developed as an installation of simulation images, sounds, and photographs.

At that time, not only genetic information but also "environmental factors" that are important for forming a person and life were taken into consideration and reflected.

In the future, this project will be further developed with the goal of allowing everyone to raise fireworks as a representation of themselves or someone important.

A joint project with Yuria Suzuki, Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo.

Exhibition: "Collision of Dimension" Exhibition (The 5th floor, Nezu)

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