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7HX + 8H4V
Material: Iron, Aluminum, Winch, Motor, Battery, Pulley, Fireworks, Ignition System, Drone Camera (2019)

An experiment for viewing fireworks and considering psychological effects.

The title "7HX + 8H4V" is a symbol by Google plus.code.
Google plus.code is a bird's-eye view, coded, and relativized view of every part of the world.
The code that points to the point where the fireworks are ignited is "V4H8 + XH7", and the code is written in the exact opposite (mirror) and used as the title.

Nowadays, as represented by Google Earth (map), the images from the viewpoint of looking down are becoming more familiar to people than before. However, as of 2019, this perspective from artificial hygiene cannot be said to be a perspective that can be controlled by individuals.

It is a privileged perspective of some kind, nation, megacorporation, etc.

In interpreting the physical act of looking down, the height of the viewpoint was divided into three stages.

1. Globalized "viewpoint from space" (viewpoint from satellite)
2. Based on the "viewpoint from an airplane" after World War I, this work

3. Call the viewpoint from "halfway height" and set the drone's viewpoint as a localized viewpoint.

The psychological effect (physical effect) of the act of looking at a little bird's-eye view from the position where the individual exists, which is called "halfway height".

How do you perceive the fireworks (explosion) that you usually appreciate by "looking up"? It is a work as an experimental device for the consideration.

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